OpenJDK 8u242 Released

Andrew John Hughes gnu.andrew at
Mon Jan 20 05:44:04 UTC 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of OpenJDK 8u242.

The source tarball is available from:


The tarball is accompanied by a digital signature available at:


This is signed by our Red Hat OpenJDK key (openjdk at

PGP Key: rsa4096/0x92EF8D39DC13168F (hkp://
Fingerprint = CA5F 11C6 CE22 644D 42C6  AC44 92EF 8D39 DC13 168F

SHA256 checksums:


The checksums can be downloaded from:


What's New?
* Security fixes
  - S8225261: Better method resolutions
  - S8224909, CVE-2020-2583: Unlink Set of LinkedHashSets
  - S8225279: Better XRender interpolation
  - S8226352, CVE-2020-2590: Improve Kerberos interop capabilities
  - S8227758: More valid PKIX processing
  - S8227816: More Colorful ICC profiles
  - S8228548, CVE-2020-2593: Normalize normalization for all
  - S8229951, CVE-2020-2601: Better Ticket Granting Services
  - S8230279: Improve Pack200 file reading
  - S8230318: Better trust store usage
  - S8230967: Improve Registry support of clients
  - S8231129: More glyph images
  - S8231139: Improved keystore support
  - S8231422, CVE-2020-2604: Better serial filter handling
  - S8231795, CVE-2020-2659: Enhance datagram socket support
  - S8232419: Improve Registry registration
  - S8234037, CVE-2020-2654: Improve Object Identifier Processing
* Other changes
  - S8010500: [parfait] Possible null pointer dereference at
  - S8029629: java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ fails intermittently
  - S8031111: fix krb5 caddr
  - S8037550: Update RFC references in javadoc to RFC 5280
  - S8039438: Some tests depend on internal API sun.misc.IOUtils
  - S8044500: Add kinit options and krb5.conf flags that allow users to
obtain renewable tickets and specify ticket lifetimes
  - S8048556: Unnecessary GCLocker-initiated young GCs
  - S8055351: sun/security/provider/DSA/
failed with interrupted! (timed out?)
  - S8057986: freetype code to get glyph outline does not handle initial
control point properly
  - S8058290: JAAS Krb5LoginModule has suspect ticket-renewal logic,
relies on clockskew grace
  - S8067429: java.lang.VerifyError: Inconsistent stackmap frames at
branch target
  - S8068736: Avoid synchronization on Executable/Field.declaredAnnotations
  - S8073108: Use x86 and SPARC CPU instructions for GHASH acceleration
  - S8073154: NULL-pointer dereferencing in LIR_OpProfileType::print_instr
  - S8073347: javadoc of Formattable messed up by JDK-8019857
  - S8077707: jdk9 b58 cannot run any graphical application on Win 8
with JAWS running
  - S8080835: Add blocking bulk read to sun.misc.IOUtils
  - S8130341: GHASH 32bit intrinsics has AEADBadTagException
  - S8131778: java disables UseAES flag when using VIS=2 on sparc
  - S8132111: Do not request for addresses for forwarded TGT
  - S8132249: Clean up JAB debugging code
  - S8133489: Better messaging for PKIX path validation matching
  - S8133951: Zero interpreter asserts in stubRoutines.cpp
  - S8134424: BlockDataInputStream.readUTFBody: size local StringBuffer
with the given length
  - S8134739: compiler/loopopts/superword/TestVectorizationWithInvariant
crashes in loop opts
  - S8138978: Examine usages of sun.misc.IOUtils
  - S8139178: Wrong fontMetrics when printing in Landscape (OpenJDK)
  - S8139206: Add InputStream readNBytes(int len)
  - S8146238: [macosx] Java2D Queue Flusher crash on OSX after switching
between user accounts
  - S8156028: G1YoungGenSizer _adaptive_size not correct when setting
NewSize and MaxNewSize to the same value
  - S8170641:
sun/net/www/protocol/https/HttpsURLConnection/ fails
with timeout
  - S8173956: KeyStore regression due to default keystore being changed
to PKCS12
  - S8183591: Incorrect behavior when reading DER value with
Integer.MAX_VALUE length
  - S8185898: setRequestProperty(key, null) results in HTTP header
without colon in request
  - S8186576: KerberosTicket does not properly handle renewable tickets
at the end of their lifetime
  - S8186831: Kerberos ignores PA-DATA with a non-null s2kparams
  - S8186884: Test native KDC, Java krb5 lib, and native krb5 lib in one
  - S8189762: [TESTBUG] Create tests for JDK-8146115 container awareness
and resource configuration
  - S8193832: Performance of InputStream.readAllBytes() could be improved
  - S8194653: Deadlock involving FileSystems.getDefault and
System.loadLibrary call
  - S8195088: [TEST_BUG] StartManagementAgent got unexpected exception
  - S8195667: ProblemList PKCS11 tests Secmod/ and
tls/ due to JDK-8180837
  - S8196681: Java Access Bridge logging and debug flags dynamically
  - S8196956: (ch) More channels cleanup
  - S8198649: Switch AWT/Swing's default GTK version to 3
  - S8201627: Kerberos sequence number issues
  - S8204288: Matching the end of a string followed by an empty greedy
regex and a word boundary fails
  - S8204290: Add check to limit number of capture groups
  - S8206173: MallocSiteTable::initialize() doesn't take function
descriptors into account
  - S8208715: Conversion of milliseconds to nanoseconds in UNIXProcess
contains bug
  - S8212071: Need to set the FreeType LCD Filter to reduce fringing.
  - S8213119: [macos] java/awt/GraphicsDevice/ fails
  - S8213568: Typo in java/awt/GraphicsEnvironment/LoadLock/
  - S8215032: Support Kerberos cross-realm referrals (RFC 6806)
  - S8215210: [macos] Hangul text does not shape to the precomposed form
on JDK8u
  - S8216401: Allow "file:" URLs in Class-Path of local JARs
  - S8218558: NMT stack traces in output should show mt component for
virtual memory allocations
  - S8219914: Change the environment variable for Java Access Bridge
logging to have a directory.
  - S8221172: SunEC specific test is not limited to SunEC
  - S8221246: NullPointerException within Win32ShellFolder2
  - S8222496: [8u] Switch on GTK3 as a default GTK L&F in client-libs
  - S8223490: Optimize search algorithm for determining default time zone
  - S8225101: Crash at sun.awt.X11.XlibWrapper.XkbGetUpdatedMap when
change keybord map
  - S8225141: Better handling of classes in error state in fast class
initialization checks
  - S8225505: ctrl-F1 does not show the tooltip of a menu item (JMenuItems)
  - S8226719: Kerberos login to Windows 2000 failed with "Inappropriate
type of checksum in message"
  - S8227061: test behaves incorrectly when AS-REQ contains a
  - S8227381: GSS login fails with PREAUTH_FAILED
  - S8227437: S4U2proxy cannot continue because server's TGT cannot be found
  - S8227715: GPLv2 files missing Classpath Exception
  - S8228888: C2 compilation fails with assert "m has strange control"
  - S8229020: Failure on CPUs allowing loads reordering:
assert(_tasks[t] == 1) failed: What else?
  - S8229169: False failure of GenericTaskQueue::pop_local on
architectures with weak memory model
  - S8229420: [Redo] jstat reports incorrect values for OU for CMS GC
  - S8230238: Add another regression test for JDK-8134739
  - S8230363: C2: Let ConnectionGraph::not_global_escape(Node* n) return
false if n is not in the CG
  - S8230813: Add JDK-8010500 to
compiler/loopopts/superword/ bug list
  - S8231124: Missing closedir call with JDK-8223490
  - S8231398: Add time tracing for gc log rotation at safepoint cleanup
  - S8231584: Deadlock with ClassLoader.findLibrary and
System.loadLibrary call
  - S8231887: fails because certificate was revoked
  - S8231988: Unexpected test result caused by C2
  - S8232019: Add LuxTrust certificate updates to the existing root program
  - S8232381: add result NULL-checking to freetypeScaler.c
  - S8232984: Upgrading Joni License version to 2.1.16
  - S8233223: Add Amazon Root CA certificates
  - S8233886: TEST_BUG jdk/java/net/CookieHandler/ hit
hardcoded expiration date
  - S8233944: Make KerberosPrincipal.KRB_NT_ENTERPRISE field package private
  - S8234591: [11u] Build with old C compiler broken by 8223490
  - S8235850: [TESTBUG] Remove test/runtime/RedefineTests/
  - S8235909: File.exists throws AccessControlException for invalid
paths when a SecurityManager is installed
  - S8236178: Debug build failed after 8236058
  - S8236983: [TESTBUG] Remove pointless catch block in
  - S8236984: Add compatibility wrapper for IOUtils.readFully

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