jdk9-b135: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Sep 7 21:41:00 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-6357887   client-libs     selected printertray is ignored under linux 
JDK-8139176   client-libs     [macosx] java.awt.TextLayout does not handle correctly the bolded logi 
JDK-8148109   client-libs     [SWT] Provide a supported mechanism to use EmbeddedFrame 
JDK-8149562   client-libs     TIFFField#createFromMetadataNode javadoc should provide information ab 
JDK-8151303   client-libs     [macosx] [hidpi] JButton's low-res. icon is visible when clicking on i 
JDK-8154218   client-libs     Non-usage of owner Frame when Frame object is passed to getPrintJob() 
JDK-8155691   client-libs     Update GIFlib library to the latest up-to-date 
JDK-8156099   client-libs     [macosx] Drag and drop of link from web browser, DataFlavor types appl 
JDK-8156182   client-libs     [macosx] HiDPI/Retina icons do not work for disabled JButton/JMenuItem 
JDK-8158356   client-libs     SIGSEGV when attempting to rotate BufferedImage using AffineTransform  
JDK-8159898   client-libs     Negative array size in java/beans/Introspector/Test8027905.java 
JDK-8160217   client-libs     JavaSound should clean up resources better 
JDK-8161913   client-libs     [PIT] java/awt/Window/8159168/SetShapeTest.java mostly fails 
JDK-8161923   client-libs     Fix free in awt_PrintControl. 
JDK-8162840   client-libs     Desktop. enableSuddenTermination() has no effect 
JDK-8163160   client-libs     [PIT][TEST_BUG] Some issues in  java/awt/image/multiresolution/MultiRe 
JDK-8163161   client-libs     [PIT][TEST_BUG] increase timeout in javax/swing/plaf/nimbus/8057791/bu 
JDK-8163169   client-libs     [PIT][TEST_BUG] fix to JDK-8161470 doesn't work 
JDK-8163258   client-libs     Getting NullPointerException from ImageIO.getReaderWriterInfo due to f 
JDK-8163362   client-libs     Reconsider reflection usage in java.awt.font.JavaAWTFontAccessImpl cla 
JDK-8163922   client-libs     Print-to-file is disabled for SERVICE_FORMATTED docflavor in linux 
JDK-8164104   client-libs     Cleanup of javaclient related mapfiles 
JDK-8164205   client-libs     [PIT][TEST_BUG] test javax/print/attribute/ServiceDlgPageRangeTest.jav 
JDK-8164628   client-libs     update copyright header in java.awt.font.JavaAWTFontAccessImpl class 
JDK-8164752   client-libs     Extraneous debugging printf in hb-jdk-font.cc 
JDK-8155102   core-libs       (Process) Process.toString could include pid, isAlive, exitStatus 
JDK-8157792   core-libs       After Integrating tzdata2016d the test/sun/util/calendar/zi/TestZoneIn 
JDK-8161016   core-libs       Strange behavior of URLConnection with proxy 
JDK-8161360   core-libs       Deprecated vfork() should not be used on Solaris 
JDK-8161444   core-libs       VarHandles should provide access bitwise atomics 
JDK-8162106   core-libs       Remove VarHandle.addAndGet 
JDK-8162107   core-libs       Add acquire/release variants for getAndSet and getAndAdd 
JDK-8162108   core-libs       Rename weakCompareAndSetVolatile to weakCompareAndSet 
JDK-8163181   core-libs       Further improvements for Unix NetworkInterface native implementation 
JDK-8163934   core-libs       Remove intermittent key from java/lang/ProcessBuilder/Zombies.java 
JDK-8164545   core-libs       Mark java/net/URLPermission/nstest/lookup.sh as intermittently failing 
JDK-8164837   core-libs       fix jdeprscan TestLoad and TestScan failures on Windows 
JDK-8164859   core-libs       Fix module dependences in java/text tests 
JDK-8164982   core-libs       Fix legal notices in java/lang, java/net, java/util tests. 
JDK-8165000   core-libs       Selector.select(timeout) throws IOException when timeout is a large lo 
JDK-8165180   core-libs       Provide a shared secret to access non-public ServerSocket constructor 
JDK-8165243   core-libs       Base64.Encoder.wrap(os).write(byte[],int,int) with incorrect arguments 
JDK-8151345   core-svc        compiler/codecache/jmx/PeakUsageTest.java is failing on jdk9/dev for J 
JDK-8158628   core-svc        test/java/lang/instrument/NativeMethodPrefixAgent.java: Error occurred 
JDK-8162530   core-svc        src/jdk.management/share/native/libmanagement_ext/GcInfoBuilder.c does 
JDK-8164319   core-svc        CLHSDB dumpcodecache throws StackOverflowError 
JDK-8164609   core-svc        javax/management/remote/mandatory/notif/DeadListenerTest.java fails wi 
JDK-8164730   core-svc        Make it clear that 'cl' parameter passed to RMIConnector.OISWL is neve 
JDK-8133045   deploy          java.lang.SecurityException: Failed to extract baseline.versions error 
JDK-8155401   deploy          Move from ALL-SYSTEM to ALL-DEFAULT 
JDK-8159563   deploy          The third applet can not be loaded and it will redirect to an invalid  
JDK-8159574   deploy          At step4.The shortCut with name "Hello" can not be created in Desktop  
JDK-8160727   deploy          Add new format arguments to the list of secure VM arguments 
JDK-8161986   deploy          Selecting 32/64 bit resources failed if user has installed both jre's 
JDK-8163338   deploy          JnlpDownloadServlet doesn't handle newline character properly 
JDK-8164013   deploy          [test] Some cases in CacheViewerTest still failed due to new FX JCP ch 
JDK-8164014   deploy          [test] JawsLocalSecurityPolicyTest::testLSPCertRun_High need to be upd 
JDK-8164022   deploy          [test] JawsOcspAndCrlCheckTest::testMultiJarValidCertDoubleSignOnlyB f 
JDK-8164054   deploy          Version information is blank if launch JCP using  "javaws -viewer" 
JDK-8164069   deploy          [test] JawsESLExtraTest::testESLUnsignedSandBoxMultiJarVHigh failed du 
JDK-8164098   deploy          Unable to export  certificate from Client Authentication store 
JDK-8164557   deploy          Fix translatability Issue on JCP General Tab 
JDK-8164559   deploy          [JCP] Include architecture (x86 of x64) to version string 
JDK-8037138   hotspot         x86: problem with JVMTI breakpoint 
JDK-8038797   hotspot         JVMTI FollowReferences does not report roots reachable from nmethods 
JDK-8061219   hotspot         Implement unit-tests for UL 
JDK-8068614   hotspot         [TESTBUG] OOMProductionAnonymousTrace creates a broken stack trace 
JDK-8145964   hotspot         NoClassDefFound error in transforming lambdas 
JDK-8152849   hotspot         share/vm/runtime/mutex.cpp:1161 assert(((uintptr_t(_owner))|(uintptr_t 
JDK-8155043   hotspot         BitMap set operations assume clear bits beyond unaligned end 
JDK-8156659   hotspot         assert(CodeCache::find_blob_unsafe(_pc) == _cb) failed: inconsistent 
JDK-8157904   hotspot         Atomic::cmpxchg for jbyte is missing a fence on initial failure 
JDK-8157907   hotspot         Incorrect inclusion of atomic.hpp instead of atomic.inline.hpp 
JDK-8157957   hotspot         ClassNotFoundException: jdk.test.lib.JDKToolFinder 
JDK-8163146   hotspot         Remove os::check_heap on Windows 
JDK-8163413   hotspot         gc/metaspace/TestMetaspacePerfCounters failure 
JDK-8163808   hotspot         Fix asserts and logging for old classfile vtable construction 
JDK-8163962   hotspot         [JVMCI] integrate VarHandles 
JDK-8163973   hotspot         VM Anonymous classes should not call Class File Load Hooks 
JDK-8164035   hotspot         compiler/profiling/spectrapredefineclass_classloaders/Launcher.java fa 
JDK-8164091   hotspot         VM fails during startup with "assert(resolved_method->method_holder()- 
JDK-8164103   hotspot         C2: Broken cmpxchgb encoding on x86 
JDK-8164113   hotspot         AArch64: follow-up the fix for 8161598 
JDK-8164208   hotspot         Update tests with redefine classes UL options and tags 
JDK-8164520   hotspot         java/lang/ProcessHandle/Basic.java is missing @library tag 
JDK-8164521   hotspot         compiler/rangechecks/TestRangeCheckSmearing.java is missing @build for 
JDK-8164523   hotspot         Clean up metadata for event based tracing 
JDK-8164297   infrastructure  Jtreg test exeinvoke fails to link on Ubuntu 
JDK-8164858   infrastructure  Enable build-time use of java.lang.invoke resolve tracing 
JDK-8165158   infrastructure  Fix zero builds for non-listed architectures 
JDK-8165314   infrastructure  Javac server process left running if build fails on Windows 
JDK-6474807   security-libs   (smartcardio) CardTerminal.connect() throws CardException instead of C 
JDK-8015595   security-libs   Test sun/security/krb5/auto/Unreachable.java fails with Timeout error 
JDK-8156062   security-libs   Test Task: Develop new tests for JEP 288: Disable SHA-1 Certificates 
JDK-8164229   security-libs   Redundant "sun/net/www/protocol/https" tests in jdk_security3 group 
JDK-8164846   security-libs   CertificateException missing cause of underlying exception 
JDK-8164922   security-libs   sun/security/provider/SecureRandom/AutoReseed.java failed with timeout 
JDK-8131023   tools           JShell: System.in does not work 
JDK-8133507   tools           JShell: StackTraceElement#getFileName of EvalException does not use cu 
JDK-8157992   tools           Improve jlink help message on optimization-related options 
JDK-8160454   tools           JSR269 jigsaw update: javax.lang.model.element.ModuleElement.getDirect 
JDK-8161376   tools           Introduce -Xlint:exports 
JDK-8163952   tools           jlink exclude VM plugin does not support static libraries 
JDK-8164073   tools           Javac should unconditionally warn if deprecated javadoc tag is used wi 
JDK-8164518   tools           JShell: Add failover case of explicitly listening to "localhost" 
JDK-8164825   tools           jshell tool: Completion for subcommand 
JDK-8164952   tools           JShell tests: jdk/jshell/CompletionSuggestionTest.testUncompletedDecla 
JDK-8165008   tools           javac -Xmodule compiles the module in a way that reads the unnamed mod 
JDK-8165109   tools           langtools/test switches to use new CLI options  
JDK-8165193   tools           Workaround intermittent failures of JavacTreeScannerTest and SourceTre 
JDK-8165211   tools           JShell: Fix completion analysis problems 
JDK-8150145   xml             javax/xml/jaxp/unittest/common/TransformationWarningsTest.java and Val 
JDK-8161454   xml             Fails to Load external Java method from inside of a XSL stylesheet if  
JDK-8162431   xml             CatalogUriResolver with circular/self referencing catalog file is not  

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