jdk9-b136: dev

Lana Steuck lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Sep 14 19:11:58 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-4285505   core-libs       deprecate java.lang.Compiler
JDK-8077149   core-libs       __noSuchProperty__ and __noSuchMethod__ invocations are not properly g
JDK-8139237   core-libs       java/util/concurrent/ThreadPoolExecutor/ConfigChanges.java fails inter
JDK-8148859   core-libs       Fix module dependences for java/time tests
JDK-8151901   core-libs       test/tools/pack200/Pack200Test fails on verifying native unpacked JAR
JDK-8159404   core-libs       throw UnsupportedOperationException unconditionally for mutator method
JDK-8161230   core-libs       ClassLoader: add resource methods returning java.util.stream.Stream
JDK-8164169   core-libs       Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2016-09
JDK-8164691   core-libs       Stream specification clarifications for iterate and collect
JDK-8164983   core-libs       Improve CountedCompleter code samples; add corresponding tests
JDK-8165346   core-libs       j.l.ClassLoader.getDefinedPackage(String) throws NPE
JDK-8165393   core-libs       bad merge in java/lang/ref/package-info.java
JDK-8165492   core-libs       Reduce number of lambda forms generated by MethodHandleInlineCopyStrat
JDK-8165563   core-libs       ClassLoader::getSystemClassLoader will never be null
JDK-8165583   core-libs       Fix module dependencies for jdk/java/util/* tests
JDK-8165592   core-libs       Fix module dependencies for sun/text/* tests
JDK-8165595   core-libs       Main class should be set for nashorn modules
JDK-8165604   core-libs       Fix module dependencies for sun/util/* tests
JDK-8165605   core-libs       Thai resources in jdk.localedata cause split package issue with java.b
JDK-8165636   core-libs       add removal text to Runtime.traceInstructions/MethodCalls deprecation
JDK-8165643   core-libs       SecureDirectoryStream doesn't work on linux non-x86
JDK-8165711   core-libs       java/net/SetFactoryPermission/SetFactoryPermission.java needs to run i
JDK-8165723   core-libs       JarFile::isMultiRelease() method returns false when it should return t
JDK-8165726   core-libs       fix for 8165595 revealed a bug in pack200 tool's handling of main clas
JDK-8165731   core-libs       Reference to removed method in VarHandle JavaDoc
JDK-8165890   core-libs       [TESTBUG] Compilation issue in MultiReleaseJarTest after 8165723
JDK-8160950   core-svc        Agent JAR added to app class loader rather than system class loader wh
JDK-8165413   security-libs   Typos in javadoc: extra period, wrong number, misspelled word
JDK-8080352   tools           jshell tool: Error message for using "package" should be more descript
JDK-8131025   tools           JShell: crash on tab-complete reference to bad class file
JDK-8162546   tools           change hidden options -Xdebug to --debug, -XshouldStop to --should-sto
JDK-8165503   tools           jlink exclude VM plugin's handling of jvmlibs is wrong
JDK-8165697   tools           jlink running on Mac with windows jmods produces non-runnable image
JDK-8165772   tools           fix for 8165595 results in failure of jdk/test/tools/launcher/VersionC
JDK-8165810   tools           Problem list VersionCheck.java until JDK-8165772 is fixed
JDK-8165116   xml             redirect function is not allowed even with enableExtensionFunctions
JDK-8165617   xml             Cleanup whitespace in jaxp/test

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