jdk9-b137: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Sep 21 20:26:27 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-4885375   client-libs     Page Ranges 'To Page' field must be populated based on Pageable 
JDK-4924727   client-libs     reader.abort() method does not work when called inside imageStarted fo 
JDK-6948907   client-libs     sun.print.DialogOwner does not support Dialogs as DialogOwner 
JDK-7064425   client-libs     PageFormat Dialog has no owner window to reactivate. 
JDK-8009477   client-libs     PageUp and PageDown keyboard buttons don't move slider indicator to ne 
JDK-8041480   client-libs     ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when JTable contains certain string 
JDK-8050478   client-libs     [macosx] Cursor not updating correctly after closing a modal dialog 
JDK-8144015   client-libs     [PIT] failures of text layout font tests 
JDK-8144023   client-libs     [PIT] failure of text measurements in javax/swing/text/html/parser/Par 
JDK-8144735   client-libs     [hidpi] javax/swing/JWindow/ShapedAndTranslucentWindows/TranslucentPer 
JDK-8145542   client-libs     The case failed automatically and thrown java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoun 
JDK-8151725   client-libs     [macosx] ArrayIndexOOB exception when displaying Devanagari text in JE 
JDK-8152680   client-libs     Regression in GlyphVector.getGlyphCharIndex behaviour 
JDK-8153287   client-libs     [PIT] [hidpi] java/awt/image/multiresolution/MultiresolutionIconTest f 
JDK-8154075   client-libs     [TIFF] AIOOB Exception from TIFFLZWDecompressor 
JDK-8155083   client-libs     On Windows, usage of USER_ATTENTION_WINDOW depends on state setting or 
JDK-8158924   client-libs     Incorrect i18n text document layout. 
JDK-8160570   client-libs     [macosx] modal dialog can skip the activation/focus events 
JDK-8163100   client-libs     [hidpi] Linux: display-wise scaling factor issues 
JDK-8163193   client-libs     Metal L&F gradient is lighter on HiDPI display after the fix JDK-81430 
JDK-8163274   client-libs     [TEST_BUG][macosx] apparent regression: javax/swing/JColorChooser/Test 
JDK-8164818   client-libs     Reg. test java/awt/font/TextLayout/VisibleAdvance.java fails 
JDK-8164899   client-libs     Provide package access to setComponentMixingCutoutShape 
JDK-8164937   client-libs     Remove code from SortingFocusTraversalPolicy that hacks into non-publi 
JDK-8165146   client-libs     [PIT][TEST_BUG] Doubtful usability of java/awt/print/PrinterJob/TestMe 
JDK-8165269   client-libs     (doc) Toolkit.isDynamicLayoutActive(): orphan ')' in first sentence 
JDK-8165345   client-libs     JDK macro definition re-defined by MacOS core framework 
JDK-8166068   client-libs     test/java/awt/font/GlyphVector/GetGlyphCharIndexTest.java does not com 
JDK-6543126   core-libs       Level.known can leak memory 
JDK-6947916   core-libs       JarURLConnection does not handle useCaches correctly 
JDK-8075484   core-libs       SocketInputStream.socketRead0 can hang even with soTimeout set 
JDK-8145952   core-libs       Currency update needed for ISO 4217 Amendment #161 
JDK-8159126   core-libs       java.sql.DriverManager - Initial log output in static block is lost 
JDK-8159408   core-libs       duplicated data in rmic's javac.properties 
JDK-8163798   core-libs       Create a JarFile versionedStream method 
JDK-8164784   core-libs       Currency update needed for ISO 4217 Amendment #162. 
JDK-8164791   core-libs       Update existing test cases of test/java/text/Format. 
JDK-8165323   core-libs       (fs) Files.getFileStore fails with "Mount point not found" in chroot e 
JDK-8165870   core-libs       Fix module dependencies for javax.script/* tests 
JDK-8165936   core-libs       Potential Heap buffer overflow when seaching timezone info files 
JDK-8165984   core-libs       ResourceBundle lookup fields not completely thread-safe 
JDK-8165988   core-libs       Test JarURLConnectionUseCaches.java fails at windows: failed to clean  
JDK-8166054   core-libs       Problem list JarURLConnectionUseCaches.java until JDK-8165988 is fixed 
JDK-8166126   core-libs       Missing dependecies on jdk.zipfs module for jdk/nio/zipfs/jarfs/JFSTes 
JDK-8166148   core-libs       Fix for JDK-8165936 broke Solaris builds 
JDK-6822627   core-svc        java.lang.NullPointerException at ReferenceTypeImpl.constantPool(Refer 
JDK-8066635   core-svc        Fix deprecation warnings in java.management module 
JDK-8148103   core-svc        add more tests for task "Update JDI and JDWP for modules" 
JDK-8152589   core-svc        java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/Locks.java fails intermittently, blo 
JDK-8160923   core-svc        sun/tools/jps/TestJpsJar.java fails due to ClassNotFoundException: jdk 
JDK-8163150   core-svc        SA: CLHSDB printmdo throws an exception with "java.lang.InternalError: 
JDK-8163581   core-svc        Heap Parameters in HSDB cannot handle G1CollectedHeap 
JDK-8164562   core-svc        serviceability/sa/TestInstanceKlassSizeForInterface.java: fails with N 
JDK-8165114   core-svc        stale reference to hotspot test Test8028623.java 
JDK-8165293   core-svc        Remove ClassesByName2Test.java and RedefineCrossEvent.java from Proble 
JDK-8165513   core-svc        Quarantine sun/tools/jps/TestJpsJar.java	
JDK-8165579   core-svc        Add missing javadoc information for javax.management.MBeanServer 
JDK-8166012   core-svc        [linux] Remove remnants of LinuxThreads from Linux attach framework 
JDK-8166237   core-svc        jdk.jdi missing requires jdk.jdwp.agent 
JDK-8157618   deploy          new JCP: Cache Viewer does not update. 
JDK-8160877   deploy          At step8:No "Application Error" dialog appear,but a title with "Applic 
JDK-8161349   deploy          It's "Perform..." link shown on the page rather than link "Classic Pre 
JDK-8164701   deploy          [test]Expected Error Dialog is not seen when javaws is launched with e 
JDK-8165104   deploy          File protocol in Exception Site List needs to show three slashes 
JDK-8165110   deploy          Create functional tests to cover JDK-8157042 for plugin 
JDK-8165297   deploy          No "Select Folder" button display on the dialog. 
JDK-8165298   deploy          No "Java" tab can be found in the Java Control Panel 
JDK-8165301   deploy          The security dialog is not the expected one. 
JDK-8165310   deploy          [TEST_BUG]Step8: There is no the security warning dialog regarding "We 
JDK-8038348   hotspot         Instance field load is replaced by wrong data Phi 
JDK-8058575   hotspot         IllegalAccessError trying to access package-private class from VM anon 
JDK-8064892   hotspot         Non-methods code cache overflow is not handled correctly 
JDK-8139515   hotspot         JFR File Read events with Bytes Read=-1 
JDK-8139700   hotspot         compiler/jvmci/compilerToVM/DisassembleCodeBlobTest and InvalidateInst 
JDK-8148854   hotspot         Class names "SomeClass" and "LSomeClass;" treated by JVM as an equival 
JDK-8150823   hotspot         UL disables log outputs incorrectly 
JDK-8150894   hotspot         Unused -Xlog tag sequences are silently ignored. 
JDK-8151988   hotspot         Hotspot deoptimizes div/mod pair usage 
JDK-8155635   hotspot         C2: Mixed unsafe oop accesses break alias analysis 
JDK-8155917   hotspot         Memory access in free regions during G1 full gc causes regressions in  
JDK-8156500   hotspot         Move Reference pending list into VM to prevent deadlocks 
JDK-8157468   hotspot         gc/testlibrary contains a lot of duplicated code 
JDK-8157948   hotspot         UL allows same log file with multiple file= 
JDK-8158639   hotspot         C2 compilation fails with SIGSEGV 
JDK-8158854   hotspot         Ensure release_store is paired with load_acquire in lock-free code 
JDK-8159900   hotspot         Can't dump recording "0"  
JDK-8161079   hotspot         Default heap size causes native memory exhaustion on 32 bit Windows 
JDK-8161224   hotspot         CONSTANT_NameAndType_info permits references to illegal names and desc 
JDK-8161280   hotspot         assert failed: reference count underflow for symbol 
JDK-8162101   hotspot         C2: Handle "wide" aliases for unsafe accesses    
JDK-8162412   hotspot         Ignore any System property specified as -Djdk.module that matches rese 
JDK-8162496   hotspot         missing precedence edge for anti_dependence 
JDK-8163346   hotspot         Update jmap-hashcode/Test8028623.java for better diagnostic of timeout 
JDK-8163589   hotspot         Add back class id intrinsic method for event based tracing 
JDK-8163860   hotspot         Convert TestOldFreeSpaceCalculation_test to GTest 
JDK-8163864   hotspot         [JVMCI] move MethodProfileWidth to jvmci_globals.hpp 
JDK-8164028   hotspot         Convert TestPredictions_test to GTest 
JDK-8164039   hotspot         Convert test_memset_with_concurrent_readers to GTest 
JDK-8164122   hotspot         C1: assert(false) failed: stack or locks not matching (invalid bytecod 
JDK-8164133   hotspot         Tests gc/arguments/TestAlignmentToUseLargePages.java and gc/cms/TestBu 
JDK-8164214   hotspot         [JVMCI] include VarHandle in signature polymorphic method test 
JDK-8164230   hotspot         Convert TestCodeCacheRemSet_test to GTest 
JDK-8164358   hotspot         [JVMCI] expose Hotspot intrinsics and HotSpotIntrinsicCandidate info t 
JDK-8164608   hotspot         [TESTBUG] compiler/profiling tests fail to compile 
JDK-8164648   hotspot         [TESTBUG] jittester failed compilation after 8157957 
JDK-8164692   hotspot         InstanceKlass::_previous_version_count goes negative 
JDK-8164737   hotspot         Remove Unsafe dependency from ProcessTools 
JDK-8164738   hotspot         Convert AltHashing_test to GTest 
JDK-8164743   hotspot         Convert TestAsUtf8 to GTest 
JDK-8164862   hotspot         2 JVMCI tests should not be executed on linux-x86 
JDK-8164936   hotspot         G1 age table printout contains contents from previous GC 
JDK-8164939   hotspot         GTest LogDecorations.iso8601_time_test  fails on macOS 
JDK-8164943   hotspot         sun/tools/jhsdb/HeapDumpTest failed with Can't find library: /test/lib 
JDK-8165014   hotspot         Unaligned unsafe access should throw InternalError on Solaris 
JDK-8165018   hotspot         Missing memory barrier for PPC64 in Unsafe_GetObjectVolatile 
JDK-8165153   hotspot         Crash in rebuild_cpu_to_node_map 
JDK-8165215   hotspot         Setting same UL tag multiple times matches wrong tagset 
JDK-8165226   hotspot         Bad -Xloggc: arguments crashes the VM 
JDK-8165246   hotspot         [REDO] InstanceKlass::_previous_version_count goes negative 
JDK-8165268   hotspot         [BACKOUT] InstanceKlass::_previous_version_count goes negative 
JDK-8165292   hotspot         The gc+task logging is repeated a lot, decreasing the usefulness of -X 
JDK-8165730   hotspot         quarantine anonymous classloader tests 
JDK-8077138   security-libs   Some PKCS11 tests fail because NSS library is not initialized 
JDK-8132926   security-libs   PKIXParameters built with public key form of TrustAnchor causes NPE du 
JDK-8163924   security-libs   SSLEngineBadBufferArrayAccess.java fails intermittently with Unrecogni 
JDK-8165660   security-libs   Remove the intermittent keyword from sun/security/krb5/auto/MaxRetries 
JDK-8165689   security-libs   Fix module dependencies for sun/security/pkcs11/* tests 
JDK-8165825   security-libs   Remove the intermittent keyword from sun/security/krb5/auto/Unreachabl 
JDK-8166032   security-libs   Fix module dependencies for javax.SSL tests 
JDK-8138667   tools           java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access method (for a protected  
JDK-8138822   tools           Source version error missing version number 
JDK-8160699   tools           java.lang.VerifyError: Inconsistent stackmap frames at branch target 
JDK-8163320   tools           JAVA_VERSION in release file should come from java.base module 
JDK-8165524   tools           Better detect JRE that Linux JLI will be using 
JDK-8165818   tools           Remove tools/pack200/Pack200Props.java from ProblemList 
JDK-8166176   tools           module search generates URLs with extra '/' 
JDK-8165784   xml             Deprecate the internal Catalog API in JDK 9 
JDK-8166220   xml             Catalog API: JAXP XML Processor Support - add StAX test coverage 

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