jdk9-dev: HotSpot

Alejandro Murillo alejandro.murillo at oracle.com
Tue Sep 27 20:31:55 UTC 2016

jdk9-hs-2016-09-19 has been integrated into jdk9-dev.


Component : VM
Status    : Go for integration
Date      : 09/27/2016 at 19:00 MSK
Tested By : VM SQE &dmitry.fazunenko at oracle.com

Bundles   : 2016-09-23-203306.amurillo.jdk9-hs-2016-09-19-snapshot

Testing: 23 new failures, 3073 known failures, 1656790 passed.

Issues and Notes:
No stoppers have been detected. Go for integration

CRs for testing:
6648858: InvokeHangTest.java fails due to "failure: Debuggee appears to be hung" when running with -Xcomp
8027920: SA: Add default methods to InstanceKlass
8078644: CDS needs to support JVMTI CFLH
8136766: Enable ThreadStackSize range test
8153711: [REDO] JDWP: Memory Leak: GlobalRefs never deleted when processing invokeMethod command
8157952: Parallelize Memory Pretouch
8159422: Very high Concurrent Mark mark stack contention
8161448: 4 JNI exception pending defect groups in DiagnosticCommandImpl.c
8163406: The fixup_module_list must be protected by Module_lock when inserting new entries
8165017: Additional test coverage of the JDWP CLASSLOADER and MODULE commands
8165489: Missing G1 barrier in Unsafe_GetObjectVolatile
8165808: Add release barriers when allocating objects with concurrent collection
8166207: Use of Copy::conjoint_oops_atomic in global mark stack causes crashes on arm64
8166228: Remove unused HeapRegion::object_iterate_mem_careful()
8166229: Eliminate ParNew's use of klass_or_null()
8166312: Backout 8165017


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