jdk9-b138: dev

lana.steuck at oracle.com lana.steuck at oracle.com
Wed Sep 28 20:59:49 UTC 2016



All the fixes will be tested during promotion (no PIT testing at this point):

List of all fixes:
JDK-8085049   core-libs       java/net/MulticastSocket/TimeToLive.java fails intermittently with "Ad 
JDK-8085575   core-libs       java/net/Socket/InheritHandle.java fails intermittently with "Address  
JDK-8130657   core-libs       com/sun/net/httpserver/Test5.java failed with java.lang.RuntimeExcepti 
JDK-8151832   core-libs       Improve exception messages in exception thrown by new JDK 9 code 
JDK-8153654   core-libs       Update jdeps to be multi-release jar aware 
JDK-8154525   core-libs       java/net/ServerSocket/ThreadStop.java fails intermittently with error  
JDK-8157464   core-libs       Disallow StackWalker.getCallerClass() be called by caller-sensitive me 
JDK-8159410   core-libs       InetAddress.isReachable returns true for non existing IP addresses 
JDK-8161211   core-libs       better inlining support for loop bytecode intrinsics 
JDK-8164467   core-libs       ES6 computed properties are implemented wrongly 
JDK-8165919   core-libs       Miscellaneous changes imported from jsr166 CVS 2016-09-21 
JDK-8166057   core-libs       [testbug] CoreThreadTimeOut still uses hardcoded timeout 
JDK-8166059   core-libs       JSR166TestCase.java fails with NPE in dumpTestThreads on timeout 
JDK-8166189   core-libs       Fix for Bug 8165524 breaks AIX build 
JDK-8166248   core-libs       tools/pack200/Pack200Test.java fails on Win32: Could not reserve enoug 
JDK-8166285   core-libs       Missing dependencies java.httpclient for tests from java/net pachage 
JDK-8166296   core-libs       add documentation for Date,RegExp,Error,JSON objects 
JDK-8166298   core-libs       3 nashorn ant tests fail with latest jdk9-dev tip 
JDK-8166359   core-libs       java/net/URLPermission/nstest/lookup.sh fails if proxy is set since fi 
JDK-8166465   core-libs       CompletableFuture.minimalCompletionStage().toCompletableFuture() shoul 
JDK-8166553   core-libs       undeclared dependencies for two IO tests 
JDK-8166604   core-libs       (ch) remove unneeded locals variables and correct NPE 
JDK-8166747   core-libs       Add invalid network / computer name cases to isReachable known failure 
JDK-8164913   core-svc        JVMTI.agent_load dcmd should show useful error message 
JDK-8165881   core-svc        Backout JDK-8164913 
JDK-8114823   hotspot         G1 doesn't honor request to disable class unloading 
JDK-8139368   hotspot         -javaagent and -Dcom.sun.management need to add to the initial set of  
JDK-8140520   hotspot         segfault on solaris-amd64 with "-XX:VMThreadStackSize=1" option 
JDK-8141634   hotspot         Implement VarHandles/Unsafe intrinsics on SPARC 
JDK-8146096   hotspot         [TEST BUG] compiler/loopopts/UseCountedLoopSafepoints.java Timeouts 
JDK-8146128   hotspot         compiler/cpuflags/TestAESIntrinsicsOnSupportedConfig timeouts 
JDK-8156137   hotspot         SIGSEGV in ReceiverTypeData::clean_weak_klass_links 
JDK-8157024   hotspot         CodeCache JFR events reporting wrong data 
JDK-8157956   hotspot         OverflowCodeCacheTest.java fails with Out of space in CodeCache for me 
JDK-8160942   hotspot         Unused code in GraphKit::record_profiled_receiver_for_speculation 
JDK-8161550   hotspot         [JVMCI] Crash: assert(sig_bt[member_arg_pos] == T_OBJECT) 
JDK-8161720   hotspot         Better byte behavior for off-heap data 
JDK-8163880   hotspot         Constant pool caching of fields inhibited/delayed unnecessarily 
JDK-8164086   hotspot         Checked JNI pending exception check should be cleared when returning t 
JDK-8164480   hotspot         Crash with assert(handler_address == SharedRuntime::compute_compiled_e 
JDK-8164948   hotspot         Initializing stores of HeapRegions are not ordered with regards to the 
JDK-8164989   hotspot         Inflate and compress intrinsics produce incorrect results with avx512 
JDK-8165030   hotspot         [TESTBUG] ctw failed to build after 8157957 
JDK-8165050   hotspot         [TESTBUG] tests generated by jittester cannot be run with jtreg 
JDK-8165244   hotspot         Unquarantine compiler/jvmci/compilerToVM/ExecuteInstalledCodeTest.java 
JDK-8165313   hotspot         Inserting freed regions during Free Collection Set serial phase takes  
JDK-8165315   hotspot         [ppc] Port "8133749: NMT detail stack trace cleanup" 
JDK-8165455   hotspot         Tracing events for G1 have incorrect metadata 
JDK-8165493   hotspot         SA: Add method in GrowableArray.java to be able to access the 'data' f 
JDK-8165634   hotspot         Support multiple --add-modules options on the command line 
JDK-8165681   hotspot         ClassLoad and ClassPrepare JVMTI events are missed in the start phase 
JDK-8165699   hotspot         Class unloading test fails with RuntimeException: Class ClassAbc_0____ 
JDK-8165889   hotspot         Remove jdk.test.lib.unsafe.UnsafeHelper 
JDK-8166262   hotspot         failurehandler should not use jtreg internal API 
JDK-8163102   infrastructure  Fix headless only configuration option 
JDK-8164301   infrastructure  jib should provide a JDK for running jtreg with 
JDK-8165161   infrastructure  Solaris: /usr/ccs /opt/sfw and /opt/csw are dead, references should be 
JDK-8165163   infrastructure  Solaris11 and onwards provide CUPS by default, references to csw and s 
JDK-8049516   security-libs   sun.security.provider.SeedGenerator throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExcept 
JDK-8165566   security-libs   sun/security/ssl/SocketCreation/SocketCreation.java fails intermittent 
JDK-8166450   security-libs   smartcardio related tests failed on compilation during execution with  
JDK-8047347   tools           com.sun.source.util.Trees breaks the compiler. 
JDK-8156568   tools           Update javac to support compiling against a modular JAR that is a mult 
JDK-8162363   tools           Tables in javadoc documentation missing row headers 
JDK-8163027   tools           AssertionError while compiling a program that uses try with resources. 
JDK-8164519   tools           Rendering of supertype_target for annotated extends clause 
JDK-8166108   tools           VerifyError passing anonymous inner class to supertype constructor 
JDK-8166400   tools           JShell: friendlier representation of array values 
JDK-8166589   tools           jshell tool: typo: remove out of place text in /help /set truncation 
JDK-8166655   tools           JShell: Process running JShell should not be blocked from exit by non- 
JDK-8166398   xml             CatalogSupport tests need to be fixed 

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