Building JemmyFX

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Sat Aug 12 11:28:29 UTC 2017


I'm trying to use for the first time Jemmy and JemmyFX to test GUI applications deployed in an OSGi framework. Because of this I probably need to modify the sources of Jemmy/JemmyFX to suit my needs so I am trying to obtain and build from source.

I have obtained the source for (what I think is) Jemmy core from here ( and the JemmyFX sources from here (

When I place all these modules into a Maven project I've discovered that there seems to be some missing source files. For example in the 'GlassRobot' module there is a source file ''. It requires the import 'org.jemmy.Dimension' but it is not available it the Jemmy source I downloaded.

I notice in the build.xml scripts there are references to other Jemmy JAR files such as JemmyAWTInput.jar and a couple of others. I am assuming that the missing dependencies will be fulfilled by these JARS.

So my question is where can I obtain these JARS or preferably where can I get the source code?

Please note I am using the Oracle JDK and not OpenJDK.

Thanks, Kerry

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