TestNG build failing with JDK9 Jigsaw due to Gradle

Cédric Champeau cedric.champeau at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 09:58:06 UTC 2015

>  That issue was resolved at the time and I don't think there were any
> other specific issues on that thread. There was of course the general issue
> that Groovy seems to access or wrap types in non-exported packages but we
> don't have a solution to that except via the command-line -XaddExports.
> -Alan.

I think this is the particular issue Jochen is very worried about. We
should think about the consequences of it. What does it mean to be forced
to use -XaddExports. It is at least unclear to me. What would be
catastrophic is releasing Jigsaw and realizing that we killed Groovy
because it cannot use modules without, for example, disabling all kind of

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