Annotations across modules

Philippe Marschall pm at
Mon Nov 16 11:19:48 UTC 2015

On 12.11.15 14:50, Stephen Colebourne wrote:
> My understanding of annotations today is that annotations are not
> required at runtime. ie. if an annotation is placed into a class at
> compile time but the .class file for the annotation is not available
> on the runtime classpath. then there is no error.
> Does this change in any way with modules?
> My specific case is wrt @ConstructorProperties which is in java.beans.
> In 9, a user may run my software without the java.beans module. Can I
> safely assume that if the annotation is available on the compile
> module path but not the runtime module path, everything will be OK
> (ie. no error)?

My understanding is that you can't have optional dependencies. So if you 
have @ConstructorProperties in your source you also need to have a 
java.desktop module dependency in your If your library 
is in the module path the java.desktop module then it needs to be 
present at runtime.

The only option you have is to make your jar not a modular jar by one of 
  - not providing a module-info.class
  - not putting your module in the module path


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