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joelbars at joelbars at
Mon Nov 30 16:19:41 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

It's been sometime since I started to participate but in a passive way just
watching the list and trying to understand everything, now I wanted to be
more active. I already followed the quickstart guide and used some
tutorials do clone the source code and build it but in my forest I can't
see the jigsaw repository I just wanted some directions on how to build the
jigsaw project with jdk, I really appreciate if someone could help me. So
far I:

* Cloned
* Followed the instructions to build the code
* Created a linux and mac build of the jdk9

But when I try the quickstart guide with this build I receive:

javac -d mods/com.greetings/ src/com.greetings/
src/com.greetings/ error: class, interface, or enum
module com.greetings { }
1 error

I'm presuming that's because I didn't compiled with jigsaw.

Thanks to everyone on this list and sorry if I bother someone, I'm just
someone trying to learn something new.

Best regards

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