Flag missing with "requires java.base"?

Andrew Dinn adinn at redhat.com
Mon Aug 1 11:51:46 UTC 2016

On 29/07/16 19:34, Alex Buckley wrote:
> On 7/29/2016 12:48 AM, Andrew Dinn wrote:
>> It might be worth pointing out at this stage in the discussion that
>> ACC_SYNTHETIC was never given a hard and fast meaning whose logic
>> transcends the vagaries of what javac decided to use it for -- citation,
>> Neal Gafter in a thread I was involved in many years ago on the meaning
>> of this term:
>> Said definition:
>> http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/compiler-dev/2010-August/002257.html
>> and explanation:
>> http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/compiler-dev/2010-August/002258.html
> On the contrary, Neal and I agree on the hard and fast meaning of
> ACC_SYNTHETIC. The second link says:


Well, it's rather a moot point as to whether it is you and Neal or, as I
phrased it, "the vagaries of what javac decided to use [SYNTHETIC] for"
that constitutes the determining factor since obviously javac didn't
really 'decide' anything except by way of proxy for those who informed
it's construction as a piece of code.

My point was not that ACC_SYNTHETIC did not have a determinate meaning
(which is what you seem to take me as saying) rather that the decision
as to what it means was made within the scope of what javac wanted to do
with this property and that said meaning is not up for grabs for some
external program to freight with its own semantic content. That is
precisely (yes, I do mean precisely) what my exchange with Neal established.


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