Multiple versions of a non-exported dependency

Alex Buckley alex.buckley at
Wed Aug 31 20:07:59 UTC 2016

On 8/31/2016 12:51 PM, cowwoc wrote:
> I agree that the situation is better, but not by much. Developers
> routinely run across transitive dependencies that are incompatible with
> each other. You seem to be under the impression that this a rare
> occurrence or only occurs in the context of web containers, but this is
> simply not the case.

We're not under this impression at all. The problem is that the cost of 
solving incompatible indirect dependencies is high -- it would mean 
introducing first-class versions and changing the class loading 
characteristics of regular ('java'-launched) applications. Project 
Jigsaw chose a long time ago to let tools handle the version selection 
problem while it pursues other areas, namely strong encapsulation and 
"modules all the way down" (the modular JDK). I see no reason why a 
future project that wanted to introduce first-class versions couldn't do 
it on top of JDK 9.


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