jlink - Adding module at execution time

Gunnar Morling gunnar at hibernate.org
Sun Mar 12 21:20:36 UTC 2017


I've created a custom runtime image using jlink and would like to add
an additional module at execution time which should be the module with
the main class.

But that additional module is not found when running

        --module-path path/to/additional-module
        --module com.example.additionalmodule

Then I stumbled upon the --upgrade-module-path option. So I thought I
could add my module to the image at link time and then override it
with a newer version at runtime. But it keeps using the original one.
It seems this is only meant for upgradeable system modules? Or can I
mark my application module as "upgradeable" somehow?

My use case is to have a runtime image with the dependencies of an
application (which are fairly stable) and then add the application
module(s) (which are frequently changing) themselves at execution

Is there a way for achieving this?

Thanks for any advice,


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