jlink - Adding module at execution time

Gunnar Morling gunnar at hibernate.org
Mon Mar 13 07:52:16 UTC 2017

Thanks for your help.

It was failing because I had the "--module" parameter specified before
the "--module-path" parameter:

    img/bin/java --module a/a.A --module-path modules

This results in "FindException: Module a not found". It works if I
specify the "--module-path" option first:

    img/bin/java --module-path modules --module a/a.A

Similarly for "--upgrade-module-path", it's ignored when specified
after "--module".

I wasn't expecting that options must be given in a specific order; is
this intentional?



2017-03-13 1:07 GMT+01:00 Mandy Chung <mandy.chung at oracle.com>:
>> On Mar 12, 2017, at 2:52 PM, Alan Bateman <Alan.Bateman at oracle.com> wrote:
>> On 12/03/2017 21:20, Gunnar Morling wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I've created a custom runtime image using jlink and would like to add
>>> an additional module at execution time which should be the module with
>>> the main class.
>>> But that additional module is not found when running
>>>     <IMAGE>/bin/java
>>>         --module-path path/to/additional-module
>>>         --module com.example.additionalmodule
> Is the module name “additional-module” missing in -—module option? I expect it be:
>   --module additional-module/com.example.additionalmodule
> It works for me:
> $ image/bin/java --list-modules
> WARNING: Module name "m2" may soon be illegal
> java.base at 9-ea
> m2
> $ image/bin/java --module-path modules/mods -m m1/p.Hi
>>> Then I stumbled upon the --upgrade-module-path option. So I thought I
>>> could add my module to the image at link time and then override it
>>> with a newer version at runtime. But it keeps using the original one.
>> I'm surprised by that because the search order is:
>>   [--upgrade-module-path] <system> [--module-path]
>> which <system> is the run-time image. So while --upgrade-module-path is intended for deploying new versions of "upgradeable modules" then I would expect that it would work here.
> This should work too.
> Mandy

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