Review Request: JDK-8174826 jlink does not provide support for linking in service provider modules

Andrey Nazarov andrey.x.nazarov at
Thu Mar 23 17:47:04 UTC 2017

Hi Mandy,, JLinkTest and IntegrationTest need new copyright year.
It’s unclear why do you need concept of “terminal” option

Instead of "copy-paste" code to run Jlink in tests ProcessTools and OutputAnalyzer can be used from standard test library test/lib/share/classes/jdk/test/lib/process


> On 22 Mar 2017, at 22:11, Mandy Chung <mandy.chung at> wrote:
> Webrev:
> This is a proposal to resolve the open issue listed in JEP 282
> about jlink and service binding.
> jlink does not do service binding by default as it may be confusing
> to the users. To link in service providers, users have to determine
> the provider modules to be added at link time.
> The proposal is to continue not to do service binding by default
> since full service binding may possibly cause many modules to be
> linked in, which would surprise many users.  Provide the following
> jlink options to make it easier to cope with services when linking:
> $ jlink --help
> :
>   --bind-services                   Do full service binding
>   --suggest-providers [<name>,...]  Suggest providers of services used by
>                                     the modules that would be linked, or
>                                     of the given service types
> -v, --verbose                         Enable verbose tracing
> Some sample output that will show with and without —-bind-services
> - The providers are sorted by the service type name and then the 
>  provider's module name.
> When —-bind-services is specified with —-suggest-providers, no
> additional provider will be suggested.
> Thanks
> Mandy

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