Java Platform Module System (JSR 376) EG minutes: 2017/5/18

Stu Hood stuhood at
Thu May 25 03:29:56 UTC 2017

Thanks for these notes! I wanted to highlight one quote here that seems
relevant to two important issues.

Under #CompilationWithConcealedPackages:

> Brian recapped the issue saying that there is agreement in spirit that the
> identity of a class should include provenance.

This is extremely interesting, because if including the module in a class's
identity is feasible/agreeable (in more than just "spirit"!), then it seems
like it would resolve both #CompilationWithConcealedPackages
and #AvoidConcealedPackageConflicts in one fell swoop. Collisions between
classes defined in different modules would be impossible at both compile
and runtime.

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> I've published the minutes from last Thursday's meeting, here:
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