Current JSR 277 status

Stanley M. Ho Stanley.Ho at
Thu Feb 21 11:21:11 PST 2008

Hi JSR 277 experts,

For those of you who are interested in the current state of the JSR 
development, here is a brief status update:

1. Updated Specification

I've been updating the specification based on our discussions from the 
EDR comments, as well as from our discussions on the module initializer, 
event notification, i18n, service loader, etc. I would like to make this 
specification Early Draft 2 rather than Public Review, because there are 
pieces (e.g. interoperability) still missing. That said, the goal is to 
make this specification available to the Java community sooner rather 
than later. I expect to make it available to the EG for discussion in 
the next few weeks.

2. Interoperability with other module systems

As we discussed in the EG, we would like to make JSR 277 interoperable 
with other module systems (e.g. OSGi, NetBeans, etc.). There have been 
ongoing prototypings to figure out how it should work and to also 
validate the overall approach. When the strawman proposal is ready, I 
will send it out for the EG to review and discuss. Interoperability is 
definitely something that I would like to address before this JSR goes 
public review.

3. Monitoring and Management (M&M)

As we briefly discussed, we would like to have some degrees of M&M 
support. I have had conversations with a few colleagues to figure out 
what is doable and what is not in this context. I will send out an 
initial set of requirements to the EG soon to start a discussion.

Let me know if you have any comment.

- Stanley

P.S. I am currently out of office and don't always have access to 
emails. I will reply to emails when I am online again.

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