jtreg testing integrated

Jonathan Gibbons Jonathan.Gibbons at Sun.COM
Tue May 20 08:04:31 PDT 2008


As I said, jtreg is (just) a relatively simple n-way diff program for  
comparing sets of jtreg results.

By itself, it does not provide any infrastructure for maintaining  
those results for wider later
comparison. However, if you were to organize your results into a  
directory tree such as
then it should be reasonably easy to write scripts to the platform- 
wide or date-based
comparison runs.  I don't think I mentioned yesterday, jtdiff has an  
Ant task too,
so maybe you can do the processing you need inside Ant. You should  
also be able to
invoke jtdiff directly from other Java code too.

-- Jon

On May 20, 2008, at 1:23 AM, Christian Thalinger wrote:

> On Mon, 2008-05-19 at 16:07 -0700, Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
>> Martin,
>> (removed compiler-dev)
>> Your comments about unsymmetric runs are interesting.  jtdiff  
>> performs
>> an n-way
>> comparison, and I'd want to keep that functionality.
>> The two use cases I had in mind were:
>> -- Given a set of nightly builds on a set of platforms, compare the 
>> results across
>>    all the platforms, and report differences
>> -- Given the same set of nightly builds on a set of platforms, for  
>> each 
>> platform
>>    perform a pair-wise comparison against the corresponding results
>> last night/week/month.
> That's exactly what I want to have.  Does jtdiff currently support
> anything of the above?
> - twisti

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