jtreg testing integrated

Ismael Juma mlists at juma.me.uk
Thu May 22 08:35:00 PDT 2008

Martin Buchholz <martinrb at ...> writes:
> This development model doesn't work as well for most
> open source projects, because they have fewer, smarter, and more
> dedicated developers, so there is less need.

It's also related to the rate of change taking place (which often is correlated
to the amount of developers in the project). As an external observer, it seems
to me like the Linux kernel has a similar model to OpenJDK with several
integrators at different levels (Linus, Andrew Morton, subsystem maintainers,
arch maintainers, etc.). The rate of change that takes place in each Linux
kernel release is huge and it would be hard to achieve it in any other way.


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