Passing time factor to tests run under jtreg

Gary Adams gary.adams at
Wed Nov 16 08:51:33 PST 2011

  On 11/16/11 11:21 AM, Kelly O'Hair wrote:
> I know it's a bit crude to use Makefiles as an interface for testing, but 
> there is a big advantage to
> JPRT, Nightly testing, and developers being able to run the tests the exact 
> same way.
This may not be the best place to discuss JPRT infrastructure, but I'm curious
how the automated testing knows which systems have which prerequisites
available. e.g. which system runs linux/x86 versus linux/arm

Obviously, binaries need to be matched to the systems that can run them.
Would it be possible for that "available systems" mapping to include the
available memory and cpu speeds. e.g. Information from
"cat /proc/{mem,cpu}info" or from "cpufreq-info" command

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