Call for input -- point lambdafication

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Wed Aug 24 15:26:32 PDT 2011

This is a call for proposals for "point lambdafication candidates."

Once we introduce lambda to the language, the libraries immediately 
start to look a little older.  One subgoal of Project Lambda is to 
upgrade the libraries to take better advantage of the new language 
features.  Of course, there will be still be seams between "old ways" 
and "new ways" of doing things, but we want to eliminate the most 
obvious gaps.

What I'm asking for here is examples of methods *OUTSIDE OF COLLECTIONS* 
that take advantage of lambda, that you'd be sad if they didn't show up 
in the library eventually.

Here's an example:
    BufferedReader.eachLine(Block<String> b)

I call methods like this "point lambdafications" because they should be 
stand-alone methods that don't require additional library abstractions 
-- they are just a matter of adding one method somewhere.  Usually the 
implementations are trivial.

  - Don't reply on-list -- use the SurveyMonkey link below.  I will 
summarize and post on-list.
  - Stay away from Collections.  This is the subject of a separate 
project, and not the goal of this data-gathering exercise.
  - You can propose new SAM types if they are needed.
  - You cannot propose new non-SAM types (e.g., ReadOnlyListView); if 
your suggestion requires that, it is not a point lambdafication.
  - Include enough descriptive text to describe what the method does. 
Implementations are fine, but unless its painfully obvious what the 
implementation does, the descriptive text is required.

Proposal form:

I will post the results on-list during the week of Sept 5.

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