Merge of it2-bootstrap branch

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Thu Sep 13 10:50:35 PDT 2012

Hello Lambdanites!

You may notice that a large change to the lambda jdk repository has just been pushed. This change merges the it2-bootstrap branch of API refactoring into the lambda/jdk default branch. The "Iteration 2" API is now the default lambda bulk data API. 

The "Iteration 2" implementation has near parity with the original "Iteration 1" implementation but there may be small areas where Iteration 2 is deficient. If you have difficulty in converting your programs, feel free to ask questions or point out problems. The current work on Iteration 2 is focused on completing the unit tests and ensuring parity with Iteration 1. Prebuilt binaries containing the iteration 2 implementation will be prepared next week when things have had a chance to stabilize.


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