java.util.Optional fields

Peter Levart peter.levart at
Fri Sep 21 09:53:36 PDT 2012

On 09/21/2012 06:36 PM, Remi Forax wrote:
> Now, to come back to Optional, Java has not a really good way to
> currently deal with null,
> Stephen Colebourne run several polls in 2009 [1] that shows that.
> The real question is does Optional is the good answer.
> There are several issues with Optional:
>     - it introduces a cost at runtime (see one of my previous post that
> explain why the
>       VM will not remove it) that makes it useless as return value of
> map.get() by example.
>       So it's only a solution where the cost of creating an object is
> hidden by the cost
>       of doing the calculation in the loop.
>     - Optional should implements all methods and do nothing,
>       By example, users will want Optional to implement Iterable by
> example to be able
>       use Optional in a for-each, or implements Comparable, etc.
>       Conceptually, Optional is a kind of kitchen sink but the type
> system of Java will see it
>       as an ordinary object. The last time we chose a similar idea, it
> was when we decide
>       to do the boxing using plain old Java classes instead of using type
> known by the type system.
>       As a result, we can't use primitive type in generics.
>     - If Optional is introduced in java.util, we will see types like
> List<Optional<T>>, i.e. types
>       that embody Optional, something you don't want with @NotNull.
> I might be wrong, but for me Optional doesn't worth the pain it will
> introduce.
> Rémi
> [1]

Those issues could be minimized by only allowing the Stream internal 
machinery to construct instances of Optional (by making the constructor 
package protected).

This way it will only be used for the purpose of fluent API inside 
Stream and people will not be tempted to construct own APIs with it.

Regards, Peter

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