Stream reuse in superclass

Jose jgetino at
Fri Apr 5 06:48:49 PDT 2013

>Maybe you could zoom out and actually tell people what problem you are 
>trying to solve?  There is almost certainly a better solution here.

OK, ill try

- The base class,  called PropertyTable<R>,  extends AbstractTableModel. It
maintains a List<R> of records. 
  The fields visible in the table are defined by a list of properties of R.
- A method of this class add rows (records) to the table: 

public void addRows(Stream<R> rows) {

- A subclass LevelTable extends PropertyTable<Foo> for a certain type Foo
  A LevelTable instance needs to be notified on user input changes on the
individual cells of the table 
  to ensure they satify some global relations between records. I particular
it must clamp the values of some fields of a row between 
  the values on the previous and the next row. 

So, when adding new rows to the table I must also register the table as a
listener to the added rows, which forces me to override
 the base method that consumes the stream of Foos. 

This is the point I'm now. The cuurent code is below,  I can't imagine any
bad with it:

 public void addRows(Stream<Foo> rows) {
        rows=rows.peek(row -> row.addReceiver(this));

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