Lambda Repo Updates

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Tue Apr 16 16:20:14 PDT 2013

Hello lambdanites;

Progress on integrating the Lambda repo into the mainline jdk8/tl repo is well apace. To make merges into TL easier I have synced the lambda repo to the jdk8/tl repo. Previously (including earlier today) it was synced against jdk8/jdk8. All future syncs will be against the jdk8/tl repo. We will probably syncing with TL a couple of times a week until everything of interest is integrated into TL. As long as the syncs are small I will try to complete them in the evening pacific time for minimal disruption.



P.S.- "Java™ Platform, Standard Edition 8 Early Access with Lambda Support"b86 will be uploaded to in a few hours. The April 2013 Oracle Java SE Critical Patch Update Advisory ( was posted today so the web release team has been busy.

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