Streams factories in Stream

John Rose john.r.rose at
Thu Apr 25 17:45:41 PDT 2013

On Apr 25, 2013, at 5:39 PM, John Rose <john.r.rose at> wrote:

> On Apr 24, 2013, at 4:37 AM, Remi Forax <forax at> wrote:
>> In that case, it's better to use invokedynamic to do the whole varargs adaptation
> That's a brilliant suggestion, and not just for the special case of arity zero.  Here's one way of seeing it:
> When A::m calls a vararags B::v on (say) 2 arguments, the length-2 argument array is allocated by A::m and consumed by B::v.

FTR, I filed this as an RFE JDK-8013269 - use invokedynamic to call varargs methods.  — John

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