Hopefully the last message on Block

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at oracle.com
Fri Jan 25 08:44:55 PST 2013

The poll results are in:


My interpretation of the results:

Supplier / Block (the status quo): OK, people clearly don't like it.

Supplier / Sink (change Block to Sink): Better than above -- more like, 
less hate -- but not overwhelming support.  Clearly dominates #1.

Supplier / Consumer (change Block to Consumer): Strong support, little 
hate.  Clearly dominates #1 and #2.

Source / Sink: Strong support (arguably the strongest, but see below.)

Producer / Consumer: Comparable to Supplier / Consumer, but with some 

Any of the last three choices would be supported by the data.  It was 
commented that Source/Supplier is better than Producer because Producer 
more strongly implies a *new* item is being produced (same reason we 
switched Factory -> Supplier.)  I think this is a strong enough argument 
to remove it from the group of supportable candidates.

Source/Sink had more votes, but if you remove the Oracle votes (of which 
there were a lot), its pretty clear that this distorted the results. 
(Use Crosstab to filter the results by Collector; the Oracle folks all 
used the web collector because our mail system seems to filter out the 

So I think the strongest choice is Supplier / Consumer (simply renaming 
Block to Consumer.)  People like Supplier already, and seem to be able 
to deal with Consumer.

If you've got extra paint left, there will be more bikesheds coming, 
don't worry.

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