Running Loom tests

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Mon Oct 22 10:03:11 UTC 2018

On 20/10/2018 13:37, Fabio Tudone wrote:
> :
> BTW enabling debugging slows down things a lot for some reason and I cannot
> always connect, let alone halt in breakpoints; anyone has test debugging
> info to offer and maybe some devenv setup wisdom as well? I usually use
> IJIdea Community, what do you use and how? E.g. do you first write them in
> a separate workspace and then adapt them for JTReg  and the JDK tree and
> retry running them from there?
There is a jtreg plugin for IntelliJ [1] that some people use.

As regard debugging then you may not get very far as the debugger 
support for continuations and fibers is not there yet. JVM TI has the 
initial events and functions to track scheduling and mounting but that 
is just the first step. Once we get to the point that tools using the 
JDI API can debug then it should possible for the IDEs to add initial 
support. All TBD as to when that might be as there is a lot of work 
needed to get there.

> :
> Also it looks like some tests fail unless the build has debug enabled (due
> to missing "-XX:+SafepointALot": I suppose it adds more safepoints than
> usual but why and where?) so the build should be configured with something
> like "sh configure --with-jtreg=/opt/my_jtreg_bin_untar/ --enable-debug".
SafepointALot isn't a product flag so the Driver test using this can run 
only with a fastdebug or (slow) debug build, as in `configure 
--with-debug-level=fastdebug`.  The test should probably be changed to 
use `@requires vm.debug == true` as it won't run with a product build 
right now.

> If you already built one I suggest you just delete everything in "build"
> and start over with debug enabled because it is just easier, else you'll
> need to specify the configuration you want to use for every target (and I'm
> not sure at all how it would work with tests).
Just an FYI that you can use `make CONF=<spec>` when you more than one 
configuration. I typically have both product and fastdebug 
configurations for example.

> :
> Finally I understand that Duncan MacGregor has contributed Graal support
> for Loom but I couldn't find that code, does someone have any pointers to
> it?
Assuming your loom/loom repo is up to date then this should help:
    hg diff -r 199658d1ef86 src/jdk.internal.vm.compiler



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