Showstopper-bugs, bug-database not searchable

Stephan Aßmus superstippi at
Wed Apr 17 10:52:49 PDT 2013


when entering any search-terms in this page...

…I never get any results back. For example, entering "thread" or "scroll" into "keywords" turns up empty for me, which I cannot quite believe.

Anyway, I have filed several bugs against the Mac OS X port, some of which are show stoppers for me. I have also posted to the developer forums of Apple. Maybe I can get some helpful advice here as well.

My application uses SWT 4.2.1 and no Swing or AWT at all. None of the bugs I am going to describe below exist when running my app in Apple's Java SE 6.

Here goes:

 * No splash screen support when embedding the JRE into an Application Bundle. Unfortunate, but no big deal.

 * Native scroll bars auto-hide, only in my app. The system setting is to show scrollbars when a mouse is attached (which there is), and all other apps show scrollbars. Scrollbars stay visible in my app if the system setting is put on "Always". Very unfortunate, but at least there is a work-around.

 * Native file panels (open and save) hang while trying to populate folder contents. The file panel can be navigated and dismissed, just the folder-contents fail to display. The progress indicator keeps spinning. A blocker for me.

 * Trying to create *new* files *sometimes* fails with a FileNotFoundException. Again, a blocker. Shouldn't have anything to do with SWT at all. Supposedly this was fixed in JDK 7u17, but it still happens for me in 7u21.

 * Clicking the full-screen mode icon in native OS X windows hangs. Trying to see where it hangs in the debugger (I am using Eclipse), it appears the main thread is actually running, not blocking, in the main event loop. But the window is locked up and blocks other windows from coming to the front. Full-screen mode is not entered. The application can be force-killed. A work-around would be to disable the full-screen icon in all windows. But again, this works just fine when running inside the Apple Java SE 6 JVM.

Is any of this known to anyone? I have not received any notifications on the bugs I filed, and I have provided sample code to demonstrate each bug. Since the respective snippets are small and reproduce these bugs, I should be ruling out anything weird going on specifically in my larger app, right?

The Apple employee which replied in the forums suggested at least some of this stuff may actually be SWT bugs since there may be some specific tests somewhere in the code for the JVM version and those fail with the new Oracle JVM. It's worth exploring, but I doubt this to be the case.

It is worth noting that I am not seeing these bugs in Eclipse itself. But I have the Apple Java SE 6 still installed and I assume that Eclipse uses that. But I have not yet confirmed that assumption.

Thanks for any helpful hints!

Best regards,

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