Thanks for the retina fix!

Robert Krüger krueger at
Fri Apr 26 09:37:33 PDT 2013


I just tried our swing application with a fresh build of OpenJDK 8 on a
retina display to test the recently committed retina fix and the overall
look of the application is now brilliant, i.e. like it is using Apple JDK
6. There are minor problems with Nimbus L&F that were there with JDK 6 that
now seem to have worsened a bit but that is probably a Nimbus bug anyway
and probably can be worked around.

Thanks a million for listening to the application developers and making
this happen!

The only thing that still is noticeable is that component repainting during
resizing still does not seem to be synchronized with window resizing making
the components "jump around" a bit during the resize but that is something
that we can probably live with for a while.

This gives us a chance to attempt a smooth migration to JFX while
maintaining the application's functionality which was an essential step on
the road to independence from Apple's JDK (which still will require some
work but now feels doable).

Can't wait to test this more thoroughly but the first impression made me
happy and want to thank you for your hard work.

Best regards,


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