Status/outlook resizing performance (bug 7198229)

Robert Krüger krueger at
Sat Apr 27 04:50:53 PDT 2013

I noticed that that bug has been marked as fixed.

However, a JDK 8 build from a few days ago has the same problems for the
Swing application I have been testing it for, i.e. the components inside
the window appear to be jumping around during the resize which they are not
when starting the application with Apple's JDK6. In our case it is a bottom
status bar that changes is distance from the window edge significantly
(which should be zero at all time) during the resize operation. With Apple
JDK6 it is stays exactly at the window edge. I am testing on a 2013 Retina
MBP (however the general problem is also still visible on non-Retina
displays, so that is not the reason), so this is really not a slow

Is there anything to be expected in terms of improvements for JDK 8 or is
this it now and we need to look for workarounds or live with it? If it is
the latter, any hints what we could do in our application to work around

Thanks in advance,


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