Animations not disabled for CALayers used via JAWT

Robert Krüger krueger at
Sat Apr 27 08:39:00 PDT 2013


while trying to port our application from Apple JDK6 to OpenJDK 8 (built
from current source) we ran into the following issue:

We use jawt to integrate a native CALayer to do some OpenGL rendering in it
for a video player which works very well with JDK 6. It does work with JDK
8 as well but when the canvas is made visible there is an unwanted
animation that looks like the canvas is created in the lower left corner of
the containing frame and then flies/scales up to assume its correct

We have looked at our native code, if we could disable the animation there
but could not find a way. Is this something that would have to be done in
the JAWT code in the JDK? If so, could you give us a hint where we should

Thanks in advance,


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