How will resolution independence be handled in jdk8?

Hendrik Schreiber hs at
Mon Apr 29 23:58:52 PDT 2013

On Apr 30, 2013, at 2:09 AM, Scott Palmer wrote:

> Keep in mind that all this effort to support Swing JButton images or
> whatever is really only going to be useful for backward compatiblity with
> Swing.  All of the development effort at Oracle appears to be targeting
> JavaFX. Therefore if a solution requires API changes to Swing, it is mostly
> a waste of time.  JavaFX is the way forward and that is where the
> development effort will be concentrated.
> As far as I can tell, Swing is in maintenance mode... I doubt any
> new development will happen in Swing with the exception of security issues
> and bug fixes.

Providing multi-resolution images and a Graphics2D that honors them is actually not very Swing specific. It's AWT.
JButton is just an example..


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