The Great Startup Problem

Mark Roos mroos at
Fri Aug 29 06:01:22 UTC 2014

Thanks John,  it does bring up a topic I have wanted to ask about 
Hotspot's specialization
for Java and how I could take advantage of it.  Particularly in the area 
of PIC optimization.

You mention:
        And we expect to get better at capturing the call-site specific 
        values, and branch behavior of the contents of an invokedynamic 

        Such work is intended to replicate the hot-path effects of 
        bytecodes, without their startup time bulk.  It worked for JDK 8 
        We intend it to work for our other customers.

My call stack is not like Java's in that my 'receiver' ( the object used 
as the key for the method
lookup ) is not the class of the object at the bottom of the stack but 
instead is a field in the
object on top of the stack.  I have wondered if I made a Java class for 
each receiver type instead if that
would help?  Is there any way to find out how the Java lambda byte codes 
are optimized that
would help in the PIC design?  Or will it just work and I should not try 
to over think it.

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