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duke duke at
Wed Mar 24 15:19:34 UTC 2021

Changeset: 4d8e9860
Author:    Gerard Ziemski <gziemski at>
Date:      2021-03-24 15:18:39 +0000

8261966: macOS M1: report in hs_err log if we are running x86 code in emulation mode (Rosetta)

Reviewed-by: dcubed, mikael, dholmes

! src/hotspot/os/bsd/os_bsd.cpp
! src/hotspot/share/runtime/os.cpp

Changeset: d8186c13
Author:    duke <duke at>
Date:      2021-03-24 15:19:15 +0000

Automatic merge of jdk:master into master

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