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Fri Jan 25 09:04:05 PST 2008

Stephen J. McConnell <mcconnell at ...> writes:

> Something that would be much more interesting would be a periodic progress
report with details of:
>   a) EG activity summary (294 and 277)
>      - new or updated info
>      - summary of external comments and info
>        (e.g. out in blogland, or the latest youtube
>        presentation)
>   b) legal and administrative processes
>      - political issues/obstacles
>      - licensing issues/obstacles (e.g. publication 
>        of strawman documentation, revision to spec 
>        licensing, ...)
>   c) codebase development
>      - technical issues/obstacles
>      - infrastructure progress (i.e. there are lots
>        of outstanding promises re. integration into 
>        the OpenJDK process - mercurial migration, 
>        synchronisation with version 7 ...
>   d) roadmap
>      - admin stuff (e.g. changes on the EG)
>      - outlook for the next quarter (priorities, 
>        targets, expectations)

I'd like to second that request.

I'd also like to propose replacing the inactive portion of the members of the
apparently dormant EGs on JSR 277 by people who seem to care about the JSRs in
question, namely:

David Bock
Stuart Halloway
Doug Lea
Ted Neward
Samuel Pullara
Apache Software Foundation
Ironflare AB
SAS Institute Inc.

as they have not managed to post a single message to the expert group's mailing
list since last May (in words: 8 months), so I think they can be safely gc-ed. 

I am sure the spec lead could easily find interested experts with a more active
interest in the subject, for example among the readership of this mailing list.

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