CFV: New Networking Group Member: Daniel Fuchs

Chris Hegarty chris.hegarty at
Wed May 12 10:58:54 UTC 2021

I hereby nominate Daniel Fuchs to Membership in the Networking

Daniel is a Reviewer in the JDK project, and a long term contributor to
the Java platform. Daniel has been actively participating in the
evolution and maintenance of the networking libraries for several years.
Daniel was a significant contributor to the HTTP Client (JEP 321), and
more recently lead the reimplementation of DatagramSocket (JEP 373), in
preparation for virtual threads.

Votes are due by 11:00 UTC Wednesday, 26 May 2021.

Only current Members of the Networking Group [1] are eligible
to vote on this nomination. Votes must be cast in the open by
replying to this mailing list

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [2].



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