JavaFX Form Validation

Gunnar Morling gunnar at
Wed Jun 27 13:59:35 PDT 2012

Hi all,

first off, sorry for arriving that late to the party, I just stumbled
upon this thread by a post in the Bean Validation feedback forum [1].

I'm member of the JSR 349 (BV 1.1) expert group and also committing to
the BV reference implementation, Hibernate Validator. Therefore I'm
very interested in the topic of integrating JavaFX with BV and just
wanted to add some thoughts from my side :)

Reading through this thread, I saw the question whether BV might be
somehow dead or inactive. Please rest assured that this is absolutely
not the case. BV 1.0 is part of JEE 6 and as such is widely used in
enterprise applications. Currently we're working on BV 1.1 which is
intended to be part of JEE 7. See [2] for the roadmap. One general
theme is the integration with other specs (CDI, JAX-RS etc.), and I
feel Bean Validation would also be very valuable to be used together
with JavaFX.

As someone already pointed out, BV is explicitly not targeting a
single application layer but is intended to be used in all places
where validation is required (persistence, service, frontend layer
etc.). It is also not restricted to the server side or Java EE, it
runs perfectly on the client and Java SE (and in fact is used in GUI
technologies such as JSF or GWT etc). So personally, I'd be a strong
proponent for making use of BV for validation purposes in JavaFX. IMO
using the same validation facility throughout all application layers
makes developer life easier, avoids redundancies and inconsistencies

That said, I've actually played around a bit with integrating JavaFX
and BV a while ago, the result can be found at [3] (have a look at the
readme and the contained example application [4]). Back then, I didn't
pursue the idea any further, but the project shows that BV can easily
be used for validation with JavaFX.

In case there are any questions around Bean Validation, please don't
hesitate to contact the BV EG [5]. The Hibernate Validator reference
guide [6] can serve as good introduction to the API and its
possibilities. Also let us know if there are certain things missing,
which would be beneficial for the JavaFX use case. I'll also point the
BV EG and its spec lead, Emmanuel Bernard, to this thread.

With best regards,



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