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Mon Jan 30 12:13:46 UTC 2017

Hi Marco,

I've invited you to a discussion with some of the 3rd party vendors (as
Dalibor has suggested).


On 28 January 2017 at 13:36, Marco Vermeulen < at> wrote:

> Hi there,
> My name is Marco Vermeulen, and I'm the maintainer of SDKMAN!, an SDK
> download and management tool. For those not familiar with the SDKMAN!
> project, it is FLOSS tool which helps developers install and manage JVM
> related SDKs conveniently on their development environments. We don't host
> any binaries, we merely act as a broker on behalf of the user and help
> manage their local path variables. It's sole purpose is to make developers'
> lives easy! For more details, you can read up on what we do at our website
> [1].
> Recently, we introduced the ability to install platform specific binaries,
> which finally opened the door for installing Java SDKs. Unfortunately, this
> means that we are pointing to the Oracle JDK binaries since Oracle are the
> only vendor providing single packaged JDKs for all mainstream platforms.
> I would like to propose an initiative to start providing official OpenJDK
> binary packages for the most used platforms across a version range (say 5.0
> thru 9ea). I would suggest pre-packaged binaries for Linux, MacOSX,
> Cygwin/Windows and FreeBSD. Currently, most developers use Oracle JDKs
> because OpenJDK simply isn't available for their platform. This is very
> sad, as we are missing a great opportunity in helping the adoption of the
> OpenJDK!
> It would probably require the JDKs to be packaged as zips and tarballs,
> along with appropriate MD5 or SHA256 hashes for security purposes. I would
> suggest publishing these binaries on a free platform such as BinTray.
> On the tail of this I would love to see an automated publish of these
> binaries to SDKMAN!, allowing users to easily install the JDKs with minimum
> friction. The Groovy [2], Kotlin [3] and Ceylon [4] communities (amongst
> many others) are already doing this, and it helps them greatly in
> distributing their binaries.
> If needed, I am willing to get involved with this initiative myself,
> realising that much work would need to be done in order to automate such a
> pipeline for building, packaging and publishing the OpenJDK.
> I hope this sounds appealing to others, and we can get this happening
> sometime in the near future!
> Cheers,
> Marco.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
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