Move forward to use java logging in Oracle JSSE provider

Xuelei Fan at
Sat Aug 27 06:51:01 PDT 2011


At present, Oracle JSSE provider, SunJSSE, uses hard coded System.out to
logger the debug information, with Java option "".

The benefit of the debug mechanism is that it is simple and
straightforward. The drawback is that it is hard to redirect to other
output stream, hard to parse in multi-threads environment[2], and hard
to customize the output[3].

It might be the time to move forward to use java.util.logging in
SunJSSE, so that SunJSSE would benefit from the framework of

We may concern about the following issues:
1. the performance impact.
   I would suggest use the coding style:

   if (logger != null && logger.isLoggable(Level.WARNING)) {

   When the logging is turned off, the "logger" will be set to "null",
so that there is no additional performance impact.

   Java logging uses fine granulated logging level, as would filter out
a lot of unnecessary log information for some configurations.

2. compatibility issue
   We would continue support java option, "". But the log
output may change. For example, in the past, one log item may look like:
    keyStore provider is: jks

In the new implementation, we may add additional thread ID and
time-stamp, it may be changed to:
    CONFIG: [TH: 9] 2011-08-26 20:48:28.754 PDT
      keyStore provider is: jsk

One more example, in the past, the log ClientHello message may look like:
    *** ClientHello, TLSv1.1
    RandomCookie: GMT: 1314416910 bytes = { 80, 11, 21, 95, 232, 11,
193, 233, 222, 34, 181, 50, 37, 221, 149, 179, 54, 73, 187, 233, 68, 31,
63, 36, 171, 66, 75, 117}
    Session ID: {}
    Cipher Suites: [TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA]
    Extension renegotiation_info, renegotiated_connection: <empty>

In the new implementation, it may be changed to:
    INFO: [TH: 10] 2011-08-26 20:48:30.460 PDT
      ClientHello, TLSv1.1 {
        RandomCookie: GMT: 1314416910 bytes = {30:0B:....}
        Session ID: {}
        Cipher Suites: [TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA]
        Extension renegotiation_info, renegotiated_connection: <empty>

3. compatibility issue, continue
   If java option "" is defined, the debug options (see
[1] for the define of the option) may be mapped to three logger:
   logger "" will support the following debug
options: handshake, keygen, session, seesioncache.
   logger "" will support debug options:
keymanager, trustmanager, sslctx, defaultctx.
   logger "" will support all other debug options.

4. compatibility issue, more continue
   If java option "" is defined, as past, System.out will
be log output stream unless there is customized logger configurations
for above loggers.

5. default implementation
   SunJSSE will only implement the logger handler to support
"" option, application is free to define/customize its
own logging handler.

There is a prototype for your reference,

Your comment is welcome.


[1]: the usage of "" option:
$ java Foo
all            turn on all debugging
ssl            turn on ssl debugging

The following can be used with ssl:
        record       enable per-record tracing
        handshake    print each handshake message
        keygen       print key generation data
        session      print session activity
        defaultctx   print default SSL initialization
        sslctx       print SSLContext tracing
        sessioncache print session cache tracing
        keymanager   print key manager tracing
        trustmanager print trust manager tracing
        pluggability print pluggability tracing

        handshake debugging can be widened with:
        data         hex dump of each handshake message
        verbose      verbose handshake message printing

        record debugging can be widened with:
        plaintext    hex dump of record plaintext
        packet       print raw SSL/TLS packets


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