RFR 9044691: Memory leak in JceSecurity

Bradley Hess bdhess at pobox.com
Thu Oct 20 17:06:36 UTC 2016

I posted an issue (assigned ID # 90444691) using the public facing bug
submission page, as I don't have an OpenJDK account.

There's a slow memory leak in JceSecurity.  The original source uses an
IdentityHashMap, which I believe is done to avoid a case where a trusted
Provider has a bad implementation of hashCode/equals that a rogue Provider
is able to mimic in order to avoid verification.

In my patch, I change the map to be a WeakHashMap<Class<? extends
Provider>, Object>, which I believe provides the same guarantees (that a
Provider class has actually been validated) without leaking memory.  This
also provides an additional optimization: new instances of a
previously-verified provider class do not cause the CodeSource to be

Attached is a patch that I believe addresses this issue.

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