Listening to heap size changes / reallocation

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Wed Mar 14 06:45:56 PDT 2012


I was searching through the SA source code, but I didn't find a way how
could I be notified when the heap (generations, spaces, memregions) will be
changed. The point is I am visualizing the HotSpot heap and I have
information about all the object sizes and addresses (using some native
code and tricks in native agent). Using Serviceability agent I also have
information about the heap separation (generations) and their addresses.

So I should be able to visualize the heap. However when objects will be
created, there is a possibility of allocating more memory for the heap by
the VM (because there could be not enough memory to allocate the object).
And so the addresses of heap (let's say young or old generation) could
change because of that.

The question is if it is possible to register some kind of listener for
that. Or if the already acquired heap representation objects from SA will
be automatically updated (I don't think so, but good idea). Or I need to
get the heap representation objects every time (for every object allocation
seems like total overkill).

I also found a class called MemRegion, maybe this can help?

Thanks very much,
Martin Skurla
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