git webrev file list option and how to locate a webrev later on

Erik Helin erik.helin at
Mon Nov 4 13:27:37 UTC 2019

On 10/25/19 10:28 PM, Phil Race wrote:
> I can't find how to supply a list of files as the arg to git webrev.
> Old webrev takes as an arg a file containing the files to consider
> This is a very useful feature  since
> 1) I don't always want to include all files that are modified (although
>   probably this isn't so bad since I think it ignores uncommitted files)
> 2) I like to control the order of files seen by reviewers to make it 
> logical
> 3) I sometimes need to use the "old-file new-file"
> Is this a planned but as yet unimplemented feature or am I missing 
> something ?

It hasn't been implemented, I wasn't aware of this webrev.ksh feature. I 

> And, something I haven't figured out at all, is how I would do even the 
> supported
> options via github ..

This will unfortunately not be possible, the webrevs are generated 
automatically and there is no natural way to support additional webrev 

> Also, the RFR cites the webrev location like this :
> but it is redirected to
> So far as I can see the only identifying piece of information here is the
> pull request number. If I want to find the webrev for a particular bug,
> how can I easily(!) do it ?

We plan on adding links from an issue (bug/enhancement) to a PR, see the 
following issue for how this will look:

So you will just be able to click the PR link in the issue :)


> -phil.

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