CFV: New Skara Reviewer: Kevin Rushforth

erik.joelsson at erik.joelsson at
Mon May 17 17:04:41 UTC 2021

I hereby nominate Kevin Rushforth to Skara Reviewer.

Kevin is a long time member of the OpenJDK community with extensive 
experience in the ins and outs of the OpenJDK development process and 
source code repository management. He has graciously accepted to spend 
some of his time with the Skara project.

Votes are due by 2021-05-31 11:00 PT.

Only current Skara Reviewers [1] are eligible to vote on this 
nomination.  Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing 

For Three-Vote Consensus voting instructions, see [2].

Erik Joelsson


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