The bot occasionally posts the same comments twice on Github

Guoxiong Li lgxbslgx at
Tue May 25 14:25:08 UTC 2021

Hi all,

When we send an email to reply to a RFR email, the bot will post a comment
on Github for us.
But sometimes the bot may post the same comments twice.
Please see this email[1]. We expect that the bot will post one comment to
the corresponding PR[2].
But actually, the bot posted two same comments[3][4].

It is an intermittent issue. Sometimes, the bot behaves correctly.
Even today, the bot can operate normally at one PR[5] but fails at another

Is it a known issue?
Anyway, it is good to fix it so that the redundant information won't be


Best Regards,
-- Guoxiong

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