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regarding this page:

1) the official name is "Java Sound" and not "JavaSound"

2) regarding this paragraph:

> The implementation (non-public) classes are in
> package. This package is not part of the
> initial OpenJDK source release because a large part of the
> package code is licensed from 3rd party and cannot be open
> sourced

I doubt that this is true. I know the authors of all these classes,
and at the time of implementing the classes, they were all, without
exceptions, hired by Sun.

There is some Headspace stuff (which is the old name for Beatnik)
which provides access to some Beatnik Audio Engine stuff. You can
probably remove those classes without any problems from the JDK.
Same for teh Mixer* classes, which only work with the Beatnik engine.

3) native implementation
The native implementation of the Beatnik Engine is proprietary, but
none of the java implementation. Replacements are already available
with the direct audio implementations and MIDI port functionality.
So the platform-dependent code can be open sourced, too:

Hope this helps!

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