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Sat May 19 00:42:44 PDT 2007

Hi Andi,

most of what you've heard is true, though there were some more Java
Sound developers before and during my time. I am not sure about the
current situation.

The Beatnik engine provides MIDI playback support in Java Sound, for
everything else there are "direct audio" implementations:

- SourceDataLine, TargetDataLine, Clip (i.e. capture, playback)
- Port (i.e. audio mixer, select recording audio port)
- MidiDevice (i.e. MIDI ports)

On all systems (i.e. linux, windows), the MidiDevice implementation
can drive a hardware synthesizer or an installed software synth. On
Windows, there is the default "MS" software synth preinstalled.
There are open source software synthesizers which we may be able to
integrate into openjdk.

So removing the Beatnik engine will not harm much.

MacOS is a different story: Apple has never put much effort into
porting Java Sound, in fact, they just relied on the Beatnik engine.
There are open source implementations for audio i/o and MIDI i/o, it
would be great to integrate them.


On 5/19/2007 9:14 AM, Xenoage Software wrote:
> Hi,
> I just want to say hello, too :-)
> My Name is Andi Wenger, I come from Munich/Germany and at the moment I'm
> studying computer sciences and I'm working on a commercial music
> notation application.
> I tried to find information about Java Sound on the web, and there is a
> lot (thanks to the jsresources website), but there is nearly no
> information about the future plans for Java Sound. So my question is: Is
> Java Sound dead (up to now :-))?
> I heard, that Florian Bomers was the last and only developer of Java
> Sound. Florian, are you still working at Sun? Or is there any
> professional at Sun (exclusively) working on Java Sound at the moment -
> or is it now an exclusive OpenJDK project? I do not mean bug fixes - I
> mean new features, performance improvements and more open source code.
> The point is, I do not want to use a dead library. For example, I want
> to use sf2 soundbanks one time (not immediately, but there must be the
> perspective that it can be added later), and I want full MIDI support on
> all OSs, including MacOS! OpenJDK is great, and I try to help where I
> can, but I also think Sun must seriously support Java Sound further.
> I'm glad to hear, that not as much code is proprietary Beatnik code.
> Florian, do you know how much of the MIDI code is affected? I think for
> example, that Java Sound must support other soundfonts like sf2 in the
> future, while only Beatnik soundbanks are supported at the moment (for
> which a commercial editor is needed). At the moment this seems to be a
> lot of code, according to what I found in the web.
> Thanks for the information!
> Andi

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