Rollo, Dan DRollo at ETS.ORG
Mon May 21 10:42:57 PDT 2007

Hi too!

Very happy to see this list coming to life. 

Sorry if I've missed the obvious but:
Where/how should we create RFE's, Bug Reports etc?
Will existing Java Sound RFE's, Bug Reports be automagically carried
over from the Sun bug reporting systems (if those same systems are not
still being used)?
Depending on the answers to questions above, when should we start piling
up the requests? ;)

I have a couple of long standing issues with "Ports" (hardware controls)
that I hope we can resolve (related to Port.Info.* constants - need more
of them and/or parameterized methods to query hardware via OS specific
values - and also exposure/handling of multiple Ports of the same type).
The pain and suffering in this area has taken a huge jump in Vista, so
these issues are still genuine for me...

Dan Rollo

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