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Florian Bomers javasound-dev at
Mon May 21 11:24:39 PDT 2007

Hi Alex,

thanks for the status overview.

> Closed part will include all Beatnik code Simple dropping this
> code will cause too much feature decline, so we have to make
> alternative implementation of some features before dropping old
> one.

I believe that it would only remove the software synthesizer (and
OSS support on Solaris). We can use Direct* for everything else that
the Beatnik engine is used for.

I think it's very easy to separate the beatnik stuff into a closed
source .jar file plus binary libs and let the rest be open already
now. Based on the community source I can give it a shot.

> What we need: 1) Software synthesizer.

I'll write you personally with an idea.

In any case, I think it's a good idea if the synth for openjdk
writes to a direct audio source data line.

> 2) OSS mixer (for linux/solaris)
> I think OSS has a big chance to become Solaris standard audio
> engine so JavaSound have to handle it (both sampled and midi).

OSS/sampled shouldn't be very hard to implement, because it's very
similar to the existing /dev/mixer implementation. Additionally, I
believe that OSS has a /dev/mixer emulation? Then, at least,
non-existence of direct OSS implementation is not a showstopper.
For linux, I doubt that we'll ever need OSS again.

> As soon as part of JavaSound implementation will be opened, it
> will be possible to start working on other issues (bug fixes and
> enhancements).

great, looking forward to it (I have some fixes in the pipe, too).


> Regards Alex

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