Alex Menkov Alexey.Menkov at Sun.COM
Tue May 22 10:43:11 PDT 2007


> Sorry if I've missed the obvious but:
> Where/how should we create RFE's, Bug Reports etc?
> Will existing Java Sound RFE's, Bug Reports be automagically carried 
> over from the Sun bug reporting systems (if those same systems are not 
> still being used)?

Bug tracking system remains the same - http://bugs.sun.com/
Bug reports and RFE usually go through evaluation process (evaluator tries to 
reproduce the issue, checks for duplicate, etc.) and the put into the database.
Alternative way is discuss bug/rfe in this list and I'll add a record by myself 
(it would be faster way)

> Depending on the answers to questions above, when should we start piling 
> up the requests? ;)

You may start right now, but sending the request be ready to fix/implement it ;)

> I have a couple of long standing issues with "Ports" (hardware controls) 
> that I hope we can resolve (related to Port.Info.* constants - need more 
> of them and/or parameterized methods to query hardware via OS specific 
> values - and also exposure/handling of multiple Ports of the same type). 
> The pain and suffering in this area has taken a huge jump in Vista, so 
> these issues are still genuine for me...

Main trouble with port controls is the controls in are user-oriented and it's 
hard to find appropriate control programmatically.
Issue with multiple port of the same type is required some API changes - I hope 
we'll find elegant solution.


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